Example VI

18 Jun 2014

The Cloud Dashboard example VI creates a simulated device with triggers, events and feeds.

    How to run the Cloud Dashboard.vi example

  1. Sign up for an account on the Cloud Dashboard for LabVIEW
  2. Sign in to the Cloud Dashboard
  3. Visit the Keys page
  4. Create a new key
  5. Download the new key and save it as keyFile.txt
  6. Run the Cloud Dashboard.vi example
  7. When the example VI requests the keyfile, browse to the location where you saved the keyFile.txt and select it
  8. The example VI will create a device on your Cloud Dashboard.
  9. From the device list page on the Cloud Dashboard, locate the new device and click on the Triggers button
  10. When the example VI is run it will create a trigger named Initialize, clicking this trigger will create two feeds and another trigger named Start
  11. Clicking the Start trigger will tell the example VI to start publishing simulated feed data and create two more triggers named Done and Pause
  12. Clicking the Done trigger will delete the device and all the triggers, events and feeds associated with it